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Welcome to Stock Trend InvestingA growing group of smart stock market investors uses a very simple approach to get great long-term investing results to grow their savings. They invest their savings and sleep well at night since they know that they follow a strategy that they can trust. Also you can now join this group of smart investors.

Also you can now make your savings grow faster in the long-term than any stock market index can do – and you'll do it systematically and consistently.



       "Earn 3 times the long-term returns of the market"

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"When I sold all my funds in February 2008 and bought them back again in May 2009,
I escaped the biggest down turn in the stock market of the last 7 years.

In this way I made a 76% gain on my S&P 500 index funds between June 2003 and November 2010. The S&P 500 index itself only increased by 21% during that period."

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Learning from the past


Learning from the Past 

Now I beat the market three times over. This is the result of the lessons I learned in 2001. Back then, in the meltdown of the dot-com bubble, I lost over 41% of my savings.


 After that experience, I started to develop an approach – a system – to invest in the stock market that would meet the following needs:


  • It is simple to use and does not require analysis of financial data;

  • It requires maximum one hour, once per month (Like you I have little spare time);

  • Long-term gains are more important than short term fluctuations;

  • The buying and selling of funds takes place via the normal bank or stock broker.


Today, I share here with you this system that I have developed.


It is an approach that can work for everyone. You do not need to be a professional investor.


I am not a financial analyst or so either. My work experience is in management within multinationals. My degree is in science and business engineering. I have used my analytical skills to develop this approach. Now it can be used by anybody with normal common sense.


Triple the Buy-and-Hold Return on Investment

Objective Long-term Trend Signals

My simple stock investing system consists of a set of objective Trend Signals for 16 different stock market indices.

These Trend Signals tell you if the current long-term trend in the market is up or down. When the long-term trend turns up, you buy funds. When the long-term trend turns down, you sell the funds. This is how you make money.


Three Times Higher Returns than the Index

How high your return on investment is depends on the trends in the market. The S&P 500 enabled you to make 75% profit between 2003 and 2010.

Trend Investing the NASDAQ from October 1992 to October 2010 would have given you a return of 689%. This is 375% more than the return that you got with a Buy-and Hold approach.

Thus depending on the period, by using these trend signals, you can get a return that is 2 to 3 times higher than by just following the index.

You can even double these returns when you not only sell your funds when the trend turns down, but when you short the market at that moment as well.

Less than 1 Hour Once per Month

When you get these trend signals, you do not need to make any trend or financial analysis and calculations yourself. I share every month the updated Trend Signals and Charts. I tell you if I am buying or selling. Within minutes you can decide if you want to buy or sell some funds.


You only need to review the trend charts once per month. During most months you probably can leave everything as is. And it does not matter on which day exactly you do your review. You just do it when you have some time. It is flexible and easy.


Nowhere else will you find such a simple, flexible and easy approach to outperform the market.



Get great long-term investing returns and grow your savings!

Join the group of smart investors today.




Index and Mutual Funds can be Great... When You

Avoid the Main Pitfall


The main pitfall of Mutual Funds and Index Funds is that they keep most of their money always  invested in the stock market. Always... thus also when market are falling .., and falling ... and falling.


It is their job to invest the money they manage in the market. So, that is what they do!

But Index Funds and low cost Mutual Funds with a good track record offer investors a simple and effective way to spread their risk.


They are perfect in that you as a busy person do not need to do your home work on checking all the financial figures of the companies you want to invest in.


With Stock Trend Investing, you get the benefits of Index Funds and

Mutual Funds and you avoid their tendency to follow falling markets.


The combination of following the trends in the stock market and investing in index funds and low-cost mutual funds offers long-term investors the best opportunity. 


Here are 4 reasons why...




SPREADING RISKS  When investing in index funds and proven low-cost mutual funds, you spread your investments over many different companies, sectors and regions.

You ride the waves of the overall market and you are not bothered by what may happen to an individual company or sector. You do not need to spend your time on researching these companies and sectors



NO NEED TO BE EXACTLY RIGHT  With Stock Trend Investing, you review your investment decisons only once per month. It does not really matter if you ride a long term trend that lasts for years a few weeks earlier or later. The approach allows for that margin of error.

And if the market sometimes behaves different than expected, you just correct your positions. It gives peace of mind to know that you do not need to be always right and that you will be right most of the times.



EASY AND SIMPLE  Stock Trend Investing takes less than one hour a month. And it requires you to look at your investments only once per month. It is easy.

You can go on holiday without worrying about your investments. There is no need to schedule trading and review sessions every day or week. This is not work. It is making your money work for you.

It is simple. Simple signals indicate if the trend is up or down. You can use our straightforward tools to decide how much money you want to invest and in which markets. We have a list of widely available and recommended funds.



COMPLETE CONTROL  We are not a broker. You do not transfer your money to us. You can apply the Stock Trend Investing approach to how you like to invest in stocks and funds. You use your normal broker or bank that you always use and that you trust.

Since we are not a broker, we do not benefit from you trading or not. Therefore our service can be completely unbiased and independent.

You have complete and direct control over your money and investments since you apply this approach to your normal way of investing. That provides peace of mind as well.





How to Apply Stock Trend Investing in 3 Easy Steps

The Stock Trend Investing approach is a very simple approach with 3 easy steps that are repeated every month.


The steps will take little of your time. Most months, it takes only 20 minutes since you only review the situation and do not buy or sell any funds.


Sometimes, when you decide based on the information we provide you that you want to buy or sell some funds, it may take you an hour or so to decide how much to buy and sell and what funds to buy and sell.


STEP 1: Review Every Month What To Do


In this step you decide in which markets to invest and for which markets to sell the funds that you own. And in this step you decide how much more to invest in the different markets when it is the right timing to invest more.


This is what you will get for this step: 



Monthly updated MATI Trend Signal for 15 of the most important Stock Market Indices in the World, and for Gold.
Monthly updated Commentary and Conclusions on the major long-term trends and developments in the markets.
A simple and straightforward Excel-based Money Management tool that you can use, if you want (buy you do not have to of course), to make your decisions on how much to invest in which markets.



STEP 2: Select Your Funds


Index Funds have low costs and are reliable. They do what you expect them to do: to follow a Stock Market Index.


Sometimes no suitable index funds are available. Low cost mutual funds are then a good alternative. When you want to invest in South East Asia for example, you may not want to buy an index fund for each individual market. And you may not want to have exposure to just one market.


For Step 2, keep in mind:


You get access to my list of preferred index funds and mutual funds. You are again free to choose if you want to use our recommendations or the index funds of your own choice. It is up to you. The system works with both.
Since we are not a broker and not related to any of the organizations that manages index funds or mutual funds, there is no difference to us if you buy any funds or not. We are therefore completely unbiased.
Remember that index fund and mutual funds are only as good as your timing to buy and sell them.


STEP 3: Buy and Sell Funds via Your Broker


In Step 3, you'll use your normal broker or bank to buy the funds that you have selected in Step 2 or to sell the funds for the regions that you identified in Step 1.


Keep in mind:


There is nothing better for your peace of mind than to use the broker or bank that you trust and that you've always used.
Never taking any action to invest your money will never provide you with better results than what you get on your savings account. And that is not a lot these days.
Taking action too often is also not good for investors. Having the patience to wait with acting till trends emerge pays off. Rely on objective trend signals.



Get great long-term investing returns and grow your savings!

Join the group of smart stock trend investors today.




In summary, with Stock Trend Investing Membership...


You Get Every Month the Most Up-To-Date, Objective and Reliable

Information on What the Trend Direction is in the Different Stock Markets...

And you will be among the first to lnow if and when the trend is changing direction.





What Do You Do When the Trend Changes Direction


Investing in the stock market always carries some risk. There are no gains without risk. Markets sometimes fall unexpectedly.


But say that the markets went up 36% after you bought the index fund and then it falls 5%. Look then at the big picture. Yes, on paper, your investment value went down 5% from its top. But when you sell, you still made a return of 29% compared to when you bought. That is the big picture.


You get every month the updated trend signals. Therefore you will be able to quickly adjust your investments to a change in trend.


Your biggest risk would be “not knowing” what the trend direction is at this moment and when the latest trend started. The trend is your friend. You do not want to fight it. And when a trend is already ongoing for a while, you normally enter the market in smaller steps. In that way you keep your exposure limited until your profits increase.


We give you the insight in what the direction of the trend is and how long this trend exists already.

Smart investing does not require a lot of your time

We are all very busy and have little free time. But is it smart to work so hard that you have no time to make your savings work for you? Smart investing takes less than one hour per month. No need to spend your valuable time on it every day or every week. Just less than 1 hour in a month.


In that one hour, you review our monthly updated charts and summary. You review what you have invested and what you still have available to invest. And you make your decisions. Most months, you want to keep things exactly as they are: the trend continuous as it does normally. Such months, you probably spend less than 20 minutes on your review.


Occasionally, there is a change in the trend. Then you want to act. You buy or sell your preferred index and mutual funds via your usual broker or bank. Those months, you may spend an hour to make your savings work for you.


If you absolutely cannot make 1 hour per month available, you can put your money in a savings account or find a reputable money manager to who you can send your money. But if you do not have that 1 hour available, do not try trend investing and market timing.

If You Have Any Questions, Just Ask

Stock Trend Investing is easy and takes little of your time. But it is your money that you invest. And you want to do this with peace of mind. Therefore, you will have probably question on how to interpret something or how to do something.


Every person is different and has different questions. There are no standard answers to personal questions. Therefore we answer your questions personally. When something is not clear or you want to get some more details or more information, you just send us an email “contact @ stocktrendinvesting.com. Or you contact us via the contact form on the website.


In both cases we will enjoy it to try to answer your question as completely and clearly as we can. It is in our own interest. Our objective is that you understand fully the power and possibilities of our Trend Signals and how you can use them to build your long-term wealth.

No Obligations - Invest Directly or Learn First

Maybe you feel that you are not ready yet to start investing your savings in the stock market. Great! That is an excellent start. The biggest mistake starting investors can make is to think that they want to invest and then take the action to invest a majority of their savings all at once without understanding the risks.


When you want to begin with investing, we recommend educating yourself first. Get the information. Read. And when you have the basic understanding, you start investing with baby steps.


With Stock Trend Investing, you have no obligations to act or trade or invest your money. You get information. You can take your time to review the monthly updated trend signals and comments. Only after you feel comfortable with this investing approach, you start following the trend signals. And you can start with baby steps.


Or, you may think after having studied all the material, that this is nothing for you. That is possible as well. Then you just cancel the subscription and keep all the material and information. In that case, you just gave yourself some great education.


Anyone Can Use Stock Trend Investing

Stock Trend Investing can work for everyone. You do not need to have a financial education. You do not need to be an expert in investing or the economy. You do not need to be able to read balance sheets and profit and loss statements of companies. You do not need to have a degree in mathematics.


You don’t have to have all this, but you can of course. Personally (Van Beek, founder), I have a Master of Science degree and I have studied quite some Finance. But to apply Stock Trend Investing, there is no need for this.


You also do not need to live in any particular country or part of the world. The approach we share here is universal and works for all stock markets, from the US to Japan, from Brazil to Hong Kong or Korea and from Australia to the UK, Germany or France.


You do not need to be rich or have a lot of money to use the Stock Trend Investing approach. The system works the same, if you have 5,000, 50,000 or 5 million to invest. You can start with $1000 and share for example the subscription with a few of your friends who want to invest as well.


What you do need to apply Stock Trend Investing is:

  • Computer with internet connection
  • Common sense
  • Access to a normal (online) stock broker or bank that can buy and sell the funds for you.



Get great long-term investing returns and grow your savings!

Join the group of smart Stock Trend Investors today.



You get these amazing MATI Trend Signals:



5 different Trend Signals for each Stock Market Index




Trend Signals and Analysis for 15 Stock Market Indices in 5 Continents
FORMAT: Email with MATI Trend Signal Dashboard, Online Updates

You get monthly updates of all our Trend Signals for the following 15 markets:

  • North America:
    • Dow Jones
    • S&P 500
    • NASDAQ
    • NYSE

  • Latin America:
    • BOVESPA (Brazil)

  • Europe:
    • FTSE 100 (UK)
    • DAX (Germany)
    • CAC 40 (France)
    • AEX (Netherlands)

  • Asia:
    • Nikkei (Japan)
    • Shanghai Composite (China),
    • Hang Seng Index (Hong Kong)
    • KOSPI (South Korea)
    • BSE SENSEX (India)

  • Australia:
    • S&P/ASX 200 (Australia)



Monthly Updated Trend Signals 16 Stock markets in 5 Continents






Plus, you get these 3 must-have eBooks, Reports and

Tools - worth over $108




Protect Your Wealth eBook in times of Inflation and Deflation



Protect Your Wealth - During Inflation and Deflation - Report

How to invest, grow and protect your savings during inflation, hyperinflation and deflation during 2011 and beyond.

This 41 page report, packed with valuable information is a true must-have.


$29 value 



Tactical Asset Allocation Model eBook




Tactical Asset Allocation Model - eBook

This 24 page eBook answers 12 questions that are fundamental for each investor, starting with: "What percentage of my savings shall I invest in stocks or bonds?".

The eBook includes check-lists to help you to answer the essential  questions for yourself.


$16 value




Trend Signals and History Charts for Gold and Currency Exchange Rates


The proven MATI Trend Signal for GOLD, Monthly Updated
FORMAT: Online and Email

You get every month an update on the long-term trend in the GOLD price.


More than $68 annual value




Get great long-term investing returns and grow your savings!

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Get a 60-day 100% Money Back Guarantee



You also get these valuable resources...

  • You get direct access to the lists of Index Fund and low-cost Mutual Funds that we have selected for ourselves to invest in the different market.

  • You can download immediately the simple but very effective Excel-based Money Management tool. We use this tool every month to decide how much more we shall invest in each of the markets... provided of course that the trend is positive.


How You Get Instant Access

When you sign up for the service, you will get instant access to the membership section of the Stock Trend Investing website. Here you will find all the latest updated trend indicators, charts and tools.


To make sure that you get access instantly, you register on the next page and you confirm your email address by simply clicking on a link in an email that we’ll send to you as part of signing up process. Please check your spam folder if you do not receive the confirmation email within a minute.


You Have the Right to Be 100% Satisfied


You only want to use a service that you are happy with. If you are not complete happy with our service and the information that you get from us…, you just cancel it. You can do that any time without having to give any notice.


If you cancel your membership, you can keep all reports, eBooks, documents, charts and information that you have downloaded from the Gold Membership section from our website. You can keep it all.


And if you cancel within 60 days from the start of your purchase, you get a full 100% refund of what you have paid us. No conditions and no questions asked for refunding your money.


If you are not 100% satisfied with our service, you have our 100% money-back guarantee. It is 100%, in one way or another.

Cancelling is Easy

With our easy subscription model, there are no large fees upfront. You pay automatically every month and can stop the membership subscription at any time without giving any notice.


All your membership payments take place via PayPal. You can pay with your PayPal account or with a Credit Card via the PayPal website.


To cancel, you have two easy options:

  1. You go to the subscriptions section in your PayPal account and there you just cancel your subscription with us. In that case there is no need to inform us or to contact us directly. You just handle it in your PayPal account.

  2. Or you send us an email to “contact @ stocktrendinvesting.com” or contact us via the contact form on the website. You let us know your membership username and that you want to cancel your subscription, and we do this for you. No questions asked.

Secure Payments

You only pay us via PayPal, the number one online payment platform in the world. We can’t think of any way of payment that is more secure. PayPal allows you to pay via your PayPal account or your credit card in case you do not have a PayPal account. The choice is yours.


Your payments take place via the PayPal website. You pay to PayPal and they pay us and this is all done automatically. We, for example, will never see your credit card details.


As said before, we can’t think of any way of online payment that is more secure. No worries.


No Risk – 100% Money-Back Guarantee

You get here a truly 100% risk-free offer. You have the 100% Money-back Guarantee.


You can now start a 60-day trial membership and get 100% of your paid membership fees refunded when you cancel the service during the trial period. No questions asked.


Thus, you can make full use of our service, download everything we have to offer, cancel your membership within 60 days, keep all charts, analysis and reports that you have downloaded or copied and get 100% of your membership fees returned as well.


That is why we say that you get here a 100% risk-free offer.



Get great long-term investing returns and grow your savings!

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The Special Deal


The standard price for the Stock Trend Investing Gold Membership is $57 per month.


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If you are not 100% happy with our service, you get your money back, no questions asked. Thus if you are not happy, you get your full fee back.


And maybe, with this special trial we take away the hesitation from some people to try Stock Trend Investing. Maybe for you this was not needed. That does not matter. You can grab this opportunity now as well. I hope you see the logic in this offer for you.


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At this moment, new long-term trends may start or existing trends my change direction. Most money can be earned when you act at the beginning of a trend. When a market trend is going on for a while, you can still capitalize on that trend by following that trend with a few smaller steps.



Become now a Stock Trend investing – Gold Member and

do not miss the current trends and the next big change in the direction of the trend.




Stock Trend Investing System

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Get great long-term investing returns and grow your savings!

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