S&P 500 Trend Signal Email Alert

Following the requests from many of our visitors, we are launching now the S&P 500 Trend Signal Email Alert.


If you are just interested in getting an email alert when the long-term trend of the S&P 500 index changes direction, click here.


When you sign up for this email alert service, you will get immediately an email from us when the MATI signal indicates a shift in the long-term trend direction.


This may happen only once or twice in the few years. We are talking long-term trends here.

Trend Investing Whip-Saw Reality

On August 8th, our MA200S trend signal for the German DAX index turned down. The MA200S is not a signal that we normally publish. However, since I am acting on it myself, I think I owe you this type of information for transparency reasons.


Yesterday after the big up-swing in European stock market indices, the MA200S for the DAX has turned up again. Thus next week, I will invest again in DAX related index funds.


This movement in the DAX and the MA200S trend signal is a typical example of whip-sawing.

This happens. The signal indicated that the long-term trend is moving down. And then the price action reverses and the signal turns back up again within a matter of weeks or months.


Not Trend Following But Trend Investing

There is Trend Following and there is Trend Investing. There are similarities and there are differences. Sometimes one is better and sometimes the other one is more feasible.

For Trend Following, the best source is probably the podcast and blog of Michael Covel. For any trader in the financial markets, this is a must listen and read.

In general Trend Following the financial markets has the following characteristics:


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