How to Invest My Savings Safely for Good Long-Term Returns?

How to invest my savings in a reasonable safe way to get good long-term returns on my investments? That is the main problem I wanted to address.

And there are a few additional requirements that restrict the possible solutions to this problem:

Does Trend Trading the ASX Work?

One of our readers asked us what the performance is of our flagship MATI trend signal for the Australian ASX index. This question came following our blog post on the turn around dates for the MATI for the S&P 500.

See below our response to the various questions our reader was askling us. We think it could be of interest to you as well.

Australian ASX Trend Trading Chart

Below and attached is an overview of when the MATI turned up and down since the beginning of 2006.

Latest U.S. and European Markets History Charts

Dow Jones Trend Investing History Chart


Have a look at latest the trend investing history charts for U.S. and European stock markets in this blog post.

Do you see the U.S. markets peaking?

Do you see the European markets rounding towards or at their top?

What are you doing with your investments?

Get out of Europe? Move funds to U.S. markets? Get out he U.S. markets as well?

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