Latest U.S. and European Markets History Charts

Dow Jones Trend Investing History Chart


Have a look at latest the trend investing history charts for U.S. and European stock markets in this blog post.

Do you see the U.S. markets peaking?

Do you see the European markets rounding towards or at their top?

What are you doing with your investments?

Get out of Europe? Move funds to U.S. markets? Get out he U.S. markets as well?

Trend Signal Turn Dates for S&P500

One of our readers aksed on what dates the MATI trend signal for the S&P 500 turned durring the last few decades.

Here is a table that shows on what dates the MATI signal turned up and down and what the level was of the S&P 500 at that moment.

What to Expect From Stock Investing Seminars

Stock investing is an art and a science. For some people, it comes intuitively and through experience, but for others, it has to be learned. Stock investing seminars are a good way to learn the principles of investing in the stock market.

You need to choose a seminar that addresses your particular needs. There are seminars for beginners who have not begun investing or are just getting started in the stock market. If you are a beginner, then this is the type of seminar that you need to attend.

There are also seminars for seasoned investors where more advanced principles are taught. Experienced investors who would like to graduate to the next higher level in investing can attend these types of seminars. So before you enroll in any seminar, ensure that it is the right type of seminar for your level of expertise.

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